The United Geeks

United Geeks – We are the folks from the far side of internet! 🙂 And we are now also in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We are re-modeling our internet presence (website) AND we are re-locating our offices / place of business (Within the city). Our website will be only limited accessible until our re-location has finished. (June 2020 – July 2020). Services provided to our customers and clients are not impacted at all!! – We are available and to your service at the usual hours.

Our planet is round…
…but today’s world dimensions are 1152 x 864 and your clients no further as a mouse-click away! Good, visually pleasing website design and development of an usable web presence can give you the leading edge over your competitor and in return more profitable business.
Website design is more than just a pretty website it has to provide your business with leads or sales. When designing a website it must be considered that search engine traffic is important, its not just about making it look pretty, although the image does play a vital role once the visitor has found the website, the website has to perform and provide a return on investment.

When designing a website every possible care is taken to encourage search engine spiders to navigate all of the website pages, with ease and without any resistance. When you talk to your website designer ask them to build the website to maximize search engine traffic, you may be surprised at their answer! Wenatchee Pest Control

Not only do we want to design a Website that does all the above, we also want a website to impress a potential customer, it has to look good, translate the correct message through its graphics, reassure the user that your product or service is the one for them.